Zeppelin 2.5D model kit


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Next up in the exciting new line of Ugears 2.5D puzzles, Classic Vehicles collection, we present the Zeppelin—the world’s first commercial aircraft! Inspired by German airships from the early 20th century, and named after German inventor Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, this DIY 2.5D wooden airship model has movable elements and comes in its own frame, suitable for hanging on a wall or placing on a desk or shelf.

Something between a 2D flat picture and a 3D model, the Zeppelin 2.5D picture model presents three perspectives [side view, enlarged cabin view, front view] and has several moving parts, including propellers, rudder and stabilisers, to bring your puzzle to life!

Early Zeppelins had long cylindrical bodies made of fabric stretched over a rigid metallic frame. Inside were large gasbags to provide buoyancy. Engines with reversible thrust, propellers and complex fin assemblies on the outside provided propulsion, manoeuvrability and stability. In 1929 the dirigible Graf Zeppelin completed a circumnavigation of the globe in 21 days. In addition to passenger air travel, Zeppelins were used as bombers in WWI and for peacetime scientific research. The Hindenburg disaster on May 6, 1937 brought the end of the passenger airship era, but modern zeppelins, filled with helium instead of combustible hydrogen, continue to be used principally for sightseeing, advertising and aerial photography over sports stadiums.

You can leave the Zeppelin in its attractive natural wood state or colour, paint or stain your model in a colour scheme of your choosing [paints not included]. Unlike traditional jigsaw puzzles, which have to be glued to a base then mounted in a frame if you want to preserve and display your work, your Zeppelin 2.5D picture puzzle comes in its own frame, with leg stands and a picture mount.

Number of parts 49
Assembly time 30 minutes
Level Easy
Model size 28.9 x 21.5 x 6.2cm

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