V-Express Steam Train with Tender model kit


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The Victorian Age filled with the spirit of the Industrial Revolution is a source of internal inspiration for designers and engineers. Ugears turns to this fascinating era once again to create the V-Express Steam Train with Tender.

The minutely detailed design of the Express reveals the beauty of moving details: gears and a flywheel, and the work of cylinder-piston arrangement.

One full winding will give your Express energy enough to cover a distance of up to four meters. The locomotive has three settings: forward, back and idle. Switch it into the back setting and the Express will roll back and automatically hook up with its tender. The coal car with lifting sides has a hatch that you can lock with a tiny latch. The V-Express Steam Train with Tender kit includes 2.45 meters of track.

Number of parts 538
Assembly time 9-16 hours
Level Advanced
Model size
56 x 12 x 12cm
Track size 245 x 12 x 12cm


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