Marble Run Stepped Hoist model kit


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The Marble Run Stepped Hoist has a three-stage alternating lift that hands the marbles back and forth as they climb to the top to embark on their amusement park adventures. Which marble will take which track and which will make it down first? The Marble Run Stepped Hoist features a three-marble accumulator in which the third ball opens the gates for the trapped first and second marbles, sending all three along their divergent paths. There are three tracks: the first consists of a two-marble accumulator and serpentine run, the second is a hammer swing inside a C-shaped cradle and the third has a whirlpool or funnel. All marbles eventually pass through the collection tray and into the seesaw lift. A rocker switch mechanism either sends the marbles back along the return track to the three-stepped lift, or [and this is where it gets really exciting!] into another attached Ugears marble run.

The Ugears line of marble runs are designed to be modular, i.e. each model works as a standalone, or it can be connected frontally or laterally to other Ugears marble runs of the same or different design [2 or 4 models can be connected in pairs using the special connectors included in the kit]. The rocker mechanism at the end of the run can send marbles in one direction or the other, or in both directions [depending on the attached weight], returning marbles to the original hoist or sending them to a different marble run. With adjoining marble runs you now have an amazing, complex system of interconnected elements, all powered by a single crank. It's like a miniature amusement park! Keep an eye on your favourite marble—who knows where it will end up, when it will return to its starting point, or what rides it will take along the way!

Number of parts 355
Assembly time 8 hours
Level Intermediate
Model size 29.5 x 27 x 27.5cm


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