Marble Run Chain Hoist model kit


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Presenting the Ugears Marble Run Chain Hoist—an exciting combination of art and engineering. The Marble Run Chain Hoist is both a beautiful kinetic sculpture and an intricate toy that teaches as it entertains. This DIY wooden marble run features a chain hoist powered by a hand crank and a series of tracks, each with its own unique and fun obstacle or element. Turn the handle clockwise to set the machine in motion and watch as the wooden chain hoist collects and lifts the marbles to the top of the machine, where a 3-way switch distributes them on different tracks. One marble plunges down a chute with a loop-the-loop at the bottom, the next tumbles down the various stages of the cascades, while three others are collected in the accumulator then released down one of three short tracks. All marbles pass through the common tray or collector before returning to the chain hoist to be lifted on their next journey.

The Marble Run Chain Hoist is modular and can be connected to other Marble Run Chain Hoists [two or four models can be connected, in pairs] using special connectors [included in the kit]. Attach two Marble Run Chain Hoists together frontally, or connect four together both frontally and laterally, for a mini system of hoists and runs.

Number of parts 400
Assembly time 7 hours
Level Intermediate
Model size 27.5 x 30.5 x 27cm

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