Luna diffuser


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This handmade oil diffuser is aromatherapy at its finest. The very alluring Luna diffuser is sure to create an ambience no matter where it is situated – a captivating addition to any space. Luna offers a soft, almost magical aura when illuminated, whilst diffusing and dispersing your favourite oils.

Utilising sophisticated air power pump technology, the Luna nebulising unit delivers a cool and pure atmospheric oil vapour. Once your chosen oils are added, air is pumped into and swirls from within the amber glass reservoir, atomising the oils within and sending an absolute aromatic mist into your environment lasting up to 3 hours. Recommended for any space up to 45 square metres. No water is required and no heat is used, both of which may diminish the delicate, aromatic and therapeutic properties of the oils.

A very chic, minimalistic and effective oil delivery system. An eco-friendly design, featuring individually hand-blown glass combined with natural wood.


  • LED light dimmable from soft white to bright white.
  • Convenient easy to use ‘touch’ control setting design.
  • Neat, clean and eco-friendly with minimal plastics utilised.
  • Stylish and contemporary design to complement any décor.

Product details:

  • Includes soft pine wood diffuser, glass top with noise reducer and adaptor.
  • Dimensions 34 x 19 x 8cm.
  • Power supply input 100-240V 50/60Hz, output DC5V - 1A.
  • Noise dBA < 35 dB.

How to use:

  • Add 10-30 drops of your favourite oils into the diffusing piece, taking care not to overfill beyond the air nozzle in the base of the glass reservoir.
  • Diffusion cycle is 5 minutes on/3 minutes off continuing for 3 hours before switching off.
  • Two touch button control.

Power touch button:

  • Press once to turn on with high mist output and light on.
  • Press a second time for normal mist output with light on.
  • Press again to turn off.

Light touch button:

  • Press once for light on – brightness defaults at 40%.
  • Press again to turn the light off.
  • To increase brightness, press the light button for 2 seconds. A beeper sounds once and brightness turns up gradually, with a second beep indicating it’s reached 100% brightness.
  • To decrease brightness, press the light button for 2 seconds again. A beeper sounds once and brightness turns down gradually, with a second beep indicating it’s reached minimum brightness.


  • You may continue to add other blends or oils to the unit without cleaning.
  • Alternatively, gently clean or wipe amber glass reservoir with ethanol or ethyl alcohol between use of different oils.

Occasionally wash glassware with luke warm soapy water and rinse for a thorough clean, particularly after using oils with colour (like citrus oils).

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