Ghost of Kyiv Ukrainian Fighter model kit


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Ugears, a proudly Ukrainian company, brings the Ghost of Kyiv to life in this 1:72 scale model of the MiG-29 fighter jet flown by the Ghost. The model is distinguished by its realism, with movable ailerons, wing flaps and tail rudders, retractable landing gear front and back, detachable missiles, and pop-up canopy. But the standout feature of this DIY 3D wooden aircraft model is the way it hovers in the air like a phantasm, thanks to the use of tensegrity [tensional integrity or floating compression], an elegant structural engineering principle used in some bridges and stadium roofs. Four thin fishing lines, with ratchet-aided tension adjustment, allow the DIY model aircraft to float above its stand, as if by magic, even though the lines are below the model! A slider at the rear of the model allows you to roll the aircraft left and right, simulating flight. You can also change the MiG-29’s pitch angle using adjusters located underneath the stand.

Number of parts 181
Assembly time 5 hours
Level Intermediate
Model size 37.8 x 17 x 5cm

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