Angel fragrant oils


Concentrated and long lasting 15ml fragrant oils for use in ultrasonic diffusers, oil burners or to make pot pourri. These oils are made in Australia, are vegan friendly and paraben free, and are not tested on animals. Fragrances include:

  • Annan - Angel's signature fragrance enriched with sweet and earthy spices, with blends of vanilla bean and embodied with exotic fruits
  • Beach - This perfectly captures the essence of summer with a clean light refreshing scent of the ocean, grounded with citrus, patchouli and green leaves
  • Blue agava and berries - This fragrance is a rich blend of the blue agava, lime and berries combined with vanilla bean and musk notes
  • Blush rose - A classic rich heavenly perfume that captures a combination of rose, honey and sparkling citrus with base notes of wood and spice
  • Champagne peony - A delicate mix of peony and rose fragrance tempered with notes of vanilla and musk for that perfect balance and richness
  • Christmas - This aroma oil has a fusion of rich, sweet and woody notes that fills you with festive cheer
  • Kisha - This scented oil is Angel's exclusive earthy-style woody fragrance
  • Lemon, lime and blossom - A full bodied mix of sweet lime blossoms, white rose and lightly twisted lemon to evoke fond memories of spring
  • Sandalwood - This oil simply captivates the senses of the warm woody scents of sandalwood
  • Sweet pea and violet - Sweet pea entwined with violet, daisy blossom and honeysuckle petals with a base note of soft vanilla musk
  • Watermelon and wild apple - This fruity fragrance captures a light crisp scent of watermelon and wild apple with notes of green leaves, strawberries and citrus
  • White lotus - White lotus blossom, crisp citrus and praline sweetness comes to rest on a bed of soft patchouli and white velvet musk

To ensure no wastage we recommend the use of a glass dropper

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