Bohemia Body Scrubs


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Get dirty to get clean! Body scrubs are seriously messy stuff but the results are so worth it! Aside from their incredible skin softening properties, the 200g Bohemia exfoliating body scrubs smell amazing and leave your skin smoother and cleaner than ever.

  • Coffee and sweet orange oil - Organic coffee does most of the hard work to remove rough, dead skin while essential oils of coconut and orange not only smell divine but do lovely, nourishing things for your skin too!
  • Sea salt and coconut oil - Your smoothest, cleanest skin ever … with the wonderful aroma and benefits of coconut and orange essential oils.
  • Sugar and peppermint oil - Perfect as a self-tan prep, this crunchy, yummy scrub is a sweet combination of organic sugar, peppermint essential oil and other goodies.

All products are proudly designed and produced in Australia and never tested on animals.

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