Bedlam carries the full range of Harmony Balls [also known as Dream Balls]. A limited range of these Bella Donna pendants and earrings is available in store but the entire range is available for ordering

Traditionally hand-made in Bali, the unique chiming bell contains a tiny Balinese xylophone, which creates the beautiful, magical sound. The bell is made from brass and the ball or locket design is made from sterling silver. Used for many things including relaxation and meditation, the tone of the Harmony Balls are soothing to the soul and helps promote inner balance and harmony. The balls are often worn by expectant mothers to reassure their unborn baby. Newborn babies recognise the sound of their mother’s Harmony Balls when they are born. They are also often given by best friends and family as a keepsake to represent their timeless love and friendship

Orders over $100 will be delivered free of charge